portrait2012This collaboration between artists working with sound focus on site-specific acoustic actions. The raw material of the work consists of synchronised recordings, with all the sounds originating from materials found in-situ, and from interactions with the space itself. The work will consider the importance of the spirit of the place.

This is an intervention, seeking out locations and sonifying / activating / energising them whilst at the same time taking advantage of the location’s unique sonic properties via recording experiment and the use of microphone placement.

Artists use their own equipment and we synchronize the timing at the start. We will forage through the space collecting objects and playing them on the varied surfaces. Searching for ways to animate the space and instigate interactions with the others. As the awareness of resonance develops, hints of interplay between the artist’s blossoms into something resembling a performance.

metamedia ‘SOUNDING[S]’ Collaboration Guidelinesjoe

  1. An artist proposes a space / a place
  2. Date is agreed between all artists taking part to meet at this place
  3. Artists turn up on agreed date with audio recording gear. No extra equipment or musical instruments are taken into the space. We can only use what we find on the site.
  4. A quick walk through the space before recording starts
  5. Artists all start recording together. Once all have their recorders recording, someone shouts out “1, 2, 3 Start” to help sync the sounds later.
  6. All record for 10min (or whatever the agreed time length is). Someone shouts Finish and artists stop their recorders and save their data.
  7. Quick regroup and discussion on the sounds they heard and the interaction that happened between artists.
  8. Do 5 –7 two more times.
  9. END

mandyArtists who had proposed the space takes all sound files away with them and does an edit. This edit is shared at a later session.

We can get “lost” or immersed in our own experiences, or actively interact with the other artists. Later the sounds will be reassembled into a shared “fictional” space. Overdubbing or editing within the individual recorded actions is not the intention; each recording will be a document ivonof a specific moment in time in a specific location with whatever technology used. Focusing primarily on pornographies reflecting the spirit of a specific place crowded with memories, its aura and resonances and our intimate interaction with it.



feedback to in the bakery from the artists
David Rogers & Joe Stevens

response to in the bakery from Nigel Slight


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