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Monday 05 August 2013

11:00 – 17:00

Portland Sculpture & Quarry Trust, Drill Hall Gallery and Stone Work Space, Easton Lane, Portland, Dorset DT5 1BW

Ivon oates, Mandy Rathbone, David Rogers and Joe Stevens [metamedia] experiments in reinterpreting the landscape – working from and experimenting in the Drill Hall, sonically exploring Portland quarries, showcasing work in progress.

link to documentation of event.

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link to documentation of event:

link to studio audio album of works:

On March 9, 1913, during our bloody victory over four thousand passé-ists in the Costanzi Theater of Rome, we were fist-and-cane-fighting in defense of your Futurist Music, performed by a powerful orchestra, when suddenly my intuitive mind conceived a new art that only your genius can create: the Art of Noises, logical consequence of your marvelous innovations.

Luigi Russolo – opening paragraph of his letter to Francesco Balilla Pratella.

metamedia are:
Mandy Rathbone –
David Rogers –
Joe Stevens –
with MacBook Pro as ‘The Voice’ accompanied by the G3G5iMAC orchestra.

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©Pete Millson

©Katy Star

©Nigel Slight

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