marcel’s cat

#1 the silent issue:A Consideration of Silence

The world – and its noise – seems never to have been so much with us as today.  In our large conurbations we can find little escape from the world’s clamour – even within our own heads.  One of the less grave consequences appears to be a growing trend for people wishing to exchange the noise of the city for the rural life, where ambient sights and sounds are held to be gentler on the eyes and ears and therefore on the mind.  Perhaps silence might be attainable here?  Or is it rather inner stillness that we seek?

Yet at the same time we can be uncomfortable with silence. :::more

#2 the noisy issue: Hoxton Conversion

It was cold.

As I got off the tube at Old Street and walked into Hoxton with my friends, my mind raced with anxieties about what was to happen that night: A club-night; my music being performed in a bar; people eating and drinking and worst of all, talking, whilst music was being performed. I felt disaster looming. :::more

#3 the WORD issue: WORDS

The abstract nature of the music is made more solid by the addition of words as the words themselves bring an inherent imagery and meaning with them that constrains the otherwise wide-open implications of the music. :::more

#4 the Japanese [日本語] issue: ACTION [comic strip]


documented by David Rogers supported by DIVAcontemporary Studio, Visual Arts South West and artconnexion [Fr]

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