SOUNDING[S] :: hooke wood encounters


Hooke Wood

Hooke Park is a 350-acre coppiced woodland in Dorset, South West England, that as been owned and operated by the Architectural Association, since 2002. The woodland contains a small educational facility centered on a woodworking workshop, that was established in the 1980s as a furniture and forestry college. The combination of the workshop, a working wood and the rich community and craft traditions provides a unique opportunity for a school of architecture, for experimentation and fabrication.


Mandy Rathbone, ivon oates, David Rogers and Joe Stevens have been collaborating for two years, sonically exploring architectural spaces, focusing on site-specific acoustic actions and field recording. Their raw material consists of sounds originating from materials found in-situ, and from interactions with the space.   Recently metamedia have been exploring external spaces and have previously immersed themselves in the audio experience of Portland quarries and now Hooke Wood. Each recording in this podcast is a document of a specific moment in time in a specific location. The artists’ focus has been primarily on phonographies that reflect the spirit of place, its aura and resonance.

link to download SOUNDING[S] :: hooke wood encounters 4 track album and 13 page documentation.

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